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What treatments are available for bladder problems?

It is advisable to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of bladder problems. Treatment will depend on the cause:

Inflammation can be treated with herbal remedies or antibiotics. Dry, irritated bladder lining can be repaired with vaginal oestrogens.

Bladder retraining is an attempt to reduce the urge to urinate.

In some cases, a change in medication prescribed by a doctor can also have a positive effect on the urge to urinate and incontinence.

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Pelvic floor muscle exercises can help with bladder descent.

Pelvic floor exercises aim to strengthen the supporting apparatus of the pelvic floor and prevent the bladder from descending. Active exercises can be supported by biofeedback equipment. The pelvic floor can also be trained passively using electrical stimulation. A low frequency of stimulation leads to desensitisation of the bladder.

Medication may also be used: Parasympatholytics help to relax the bladder muscle if you have an overactive bladder. However, these drugs often have side effects.

When is surgery necessary?

Medication for overactive bladder is often not well tolerated. Alternatively, BOTOX is injected into the bladder, which also relaxes the bladder muscle, but the injections need to be repeated every 6-8 months.

If conservative treatment of stress incontinence due to a weak sphincter does not help, a sling can be surgically placed around the urethra. This tension-free vaginal sling replaces the sagging ligaments.

How to prevent an irritable bladder?

The aim of prevention is to stop symptoms developing in the first place. If you have a bladder infection with irritable bladder symptoms, it is very important to treat it properly and avoid a recurrence in the short term.

The bladder likes warmth, including warm feet and warm drinks. It does not like cold, too little fluid, bacteria, hot spices, alcohol and nicotine.

After swimming, women should put on dry trousers and go to the toilet after sex to flush out any bacteria that may have been washed in. Herbal substances and lactic acid bacteria help to strengthen the bladder's defences. You can also acidify your urine.

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Various vitamins have a relaxing effect on the bladder.

Taking vitamin E, magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc relaxes the bladder muscle. D-mannose is a sugar that is not absorbed by the body but helps bacteria to be better eliminated from the bladder.

A supply of oestrogen in the form of vaginal creams or suppositories also helps the bladder lining. Pelvic floor exercises should be started shortly after pregnancy and ideally continued throughout life. There are also sports that are good for the pelvic floor, such as horse riding, dancing, Pilates and yoga. It is important that women do not lift or carry anything too heavy and are careful not to become overweight.

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Some types of sport, such as yoga, Pilates, horse riding and dancing, can also help to strengthen the pelvic floor.

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